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#StillNotWithHer! 7 Reasons why Africans should continue to reject Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party

Nearly a month has passed since the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency. The white left and Democrats are pissed, while immigrants and Muslims are fearful.

Some Africans are lamenting over the Trump win and sopping up in delusion the last remaining month of Obama’s regime. Others, such as black feminists, are giving a tongue lashing to the general white women population who “betrayed” the imaginary sisterhood and opted to vote overwhelmingly for sexist Trump over their beloved Clinton.

Clinton supporters are protesting the election results all around the country. Even a campaign led by Jill Stein of the Green party is underway to request a recount of the Wisconsin ballots.

Despite her long track record of terror against Africans and oppressed peoples around the world, Clinton is still being held up as the “lesser of two evils” by many. And so-called Americans are being chided for “missing the mark” with this election.

The idea that Clinton is a friend of Africans and other oppressed people in any way, shape or form is an absolute delusion.

It must first be stated that under colonialism and parasitic capitalism, the U.S. is an illegitimate settler colony which makes any U.S. presidency illegitimate. That is a fact which would remain if Clinton was elected since the U.S., its government and laws were all built on the genocide and enslavement of African people.

The struggle should be to get organized and overturn this oppressive colonial system under which Africans and other colonized peoples have no self-determination. Here are seven reasons why I am #WithBlackPower.

1.    Hillary Clinton’s helped to push the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994:

Clinton’s role in the 1994 U.S. Crime Bill alone probably makes her the most insidious thing to ever hit our people. She used her status as the wife of the then-president William Clinton to fight and lobby for the passing of the bill that would put 100,000 more murderous pigs in our communities, give $9.7 billion in funding for prisons and target and give longer prison sentences to Africans.

2.    Clinton criminalized African youth, calling us “super predators”:

In a 1996 speech, Clinton spoke on an “anti-crime, anti-gangs, anti-drug effort”––the 1994 crime bill––which, as quiet as it’s kept, was simply a continuation of the war on Africans. In her speech which pushed for continued support of the crime bill to lock up more Africans, she reasoned that gangs of [African] kids are “super predators” who are connected to big drug cartels, had no conscience nor empathy, and must be brought to heal––like a dog. Twenty years later, Clinton proceeded to exploit the mothers of Africans killed by the domestic military regime that she played a key role in developing, for her presidential campaign.

3.    Clinton’s theft of Ayiti’s (Haiti’s) resources:

The former Democratic nominee stole over $30 million which was raised by the Clinton Foundation for the island of Ayiti after the 2010 earthquake. The Clintons sold contracts for projects that were supposed to rebuild Ayiti to whoever donated money to the Clinton Foundation. One such company was the CVS mining company out of Delaware that was partly owned by Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham. The Clinton Foundation gave them permission to mine for gold on the island despite Ayiti’s environmental laws after the company’s owner gave a large donation to the Clinton Foundation.

4.    The Clinton Foundation knowingly gave…

“watered down” HIV/AIDS medicine from the company Ranbaxy to Africans on the Continent for almost a decade after receiving warnings from the World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Administration over the medicine’s quality. The number of Africans who died taking the diluted HIV/AIDS medicine distributed by the Clinton Foundation remains untold. The scandal was documented in a congressional report titled “The Clinton Foundation and the India success story” published in 2016.

5.    Clinton’s parasitic capitalism:

Hillary Clinton is a representative of the white ruling class. She finds herself at home among Wall Street’s banksters and gangsters as well as the parasitic capitalists of Europe. The Union Bank of Switzerland paid William Clinton $1.5 million dollars for a speech after Hillary used her position as U.S. secretary of state to stop the IRS from fining them in 2009. Wiki leaks released a report known as the “Panama Papers” in April, 2016 exposing Hillary Clinton’s many political and financial ties to parasitic capitalist criminals around the world such as mining company owner Frank Giustra who has donated $100 million of his stolen money to the Clinton Foundation.Clinton has no interest in ending the system that she benefits so much from.

6.    Her support of the illegitimate State of Israel:

Clinton stands in firm support of the illegitimate settler State of Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian land and people. As secretary of state, she co-sponsored the 2006 Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Bill which chokes Palestine with aid restrictions and economic sanctions. Her allegiance to Jewish sectors of the ruling class was exposed by Wiki Leaks in 2016 in an email from Clinton to Jewish billionaire Haim Saban where she promised to fight international efforts to economically boycott, divest, and sanction Israel for its oppression of the Palestinian people.

7.    Hillary Clinton played a key role in the assassination of Libyan President Mummer Gaddafi when he made efforts to end Africa’s economic slavery to U.S. and European imperialism.

Libya enjoyed free housing, education, medical care, electricity, clean water and social equality for women under Gaddafi’s leadership. Hillary Clinton, who claims to be a champion of women and children did not let this stop her from killing Gaddafi. In an interview with CBS, Clinton gleefully expressed, “We came, we saw, he died.”

The struggle for a recount in the hopes of having Clinton replace Trump as president is opportunist. The struggle is being used as a means to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency which will help prevent him from asserting his policy agenda while giving the Democratic party the false legitimacy that they really won the election and have the “people” behind them.

Colonialism is the underlying contradiction which Africans and other colonized people face. Replacing one colonizer with another does nothing to dismantle colonialism, parasitic capitalism and all its effects.

The white left’s push for a recount exposes that the end sectors of the white ruling class will unite in favor of their own economic and political interest, and at the expense of the rest of us.

The African People’s Socialist Party condemns Clinton’s crimes against Africans and the world’s oppressed peoples. We say down with Trump, down with Clinton, down with all representatives of white power!

Down with all representatives of white power! 



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