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Mumia health emergency

We are sharing this update sent by Prison Radio on February 10, 2024.

This government is slowly, purposely, killing Mumia through medical neglect.” (Pam Africa)

Since September, Mumia Abu-Jamal’s health has been declining at a concerning rate. He has lost weight, is anemic, has high blood pressure and an extreme flair up of his psoriasis, and his hair has fallen out. In April 2021 Mumia underwent open heart surgery. Since then he has been denied cardiac rehabilitation care including a healthy diet and exercise.

“He does not get proper exercise and yard time, and he has a bad heart, and they’re not giving him a proper diet. We got to pick up the work.. we must put the pressure on the government to release this proven innocent man..these people have a blood lust, they have a vengeance…” (Pam Africa)

Listen to Pam’s full statement here.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, long distance revolutionary, Black freedom fighter, and Prison Radio’s lead correspondent continues to battle the state for his life. He survived the state’s attempt to execute him twice, three times if you count shooting him on the streets of Philadelphia. He survived decades in solitary confinement. He survived the PA DOC’s refusal to give him the cure for Hep C. And he survived double bypass surgery. He is strong, but all of this takes a toll. He will be 73 in April. His health is deteriorating – join us in demanding freedom.

“In fall, from one visit to the next he lost 10-15 pounds.” (Noelle Hanrahan)

This week, Noelle Hanrahan and Pam Africa traveled to SCI Mahanoy to see Mumia and monitor his health and provide an update about his health.

Pam notes in her interview the long history of the struggle to make sure Mumia has proper medical care and freedom.

“And most of all, I want people to understand, this should not happen to anyone; Mumia is 100% innocent. And you’ll see, through the years, all the illegal things they have done to keep him in jail. Wadiya’s son Issa and I both know what we saw.” (Pam Africa)

Pam Africa Health Update on Mumia

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“I’m telling you what I see and he, he should never reach the point where he reached last year. I mean a couple years ago, you know, his body can’t take much more.” (Pam Africa Feb 2024)

When we love we win, When we survive we win, When we fight we win

Noelle Hanrahan P.I. Esq
Jennifer Beach
Co-directors, Prison Radio

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