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With more than 40 years of leadership of Our Revolution for the liberation and unification of Africa and African people, the African People’s Socialist Party’s Seventh Congress represents just the latest example of our Party as the Advanced detachment, the vanguard of the African liberation movement—in Africa and abroad.

We will elect the leaders of our worldwide struggle for the liberation and unification of Africa and African people and adopt the political report that spells out our vision for the future of our people and the imperialist white power system that holds Africans and the toiling masses of the world in a deathly stranglehold.

Party members who collectively make up the organized advanced detachment of the African working class upon whose shoulders rest the responsibility for liberating our whole people will assume leadership of the Party for the duration of our Congress and freely debate and adopt resolutions that advance our interests as an African nation.

Party members and your delegates will elect the leadership of our Party and adopt the Political Report that establishes Party policy and our Main Resolution that will guide our work for the next five years.


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    Oct. 6-12, 2018.

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