African People's Socialist Party

The People’s War activates boots on the ground in San Diego

April 1, 2020—There are 849 cases of COVID-19 in San Diego County and 15 deaths. It is difficult to get tested for anyone and especially difficult for working class Africans to get tested.

There are many cases in the inner city areas where many working class Mexican and African people live. Our membership is spread throughout the city and no one has reported any cases of them or their family here in San Diego. The area that we are doing our initial outreach in, El Cajon, has 35 reported cases.

We have concentrated our efforts in El Cajon City, Peach Ct/Peach St, which is one of the highest concentrated areas of Africans. We have done drops on two apartment complexes and one-third of another apartment complex. We have done a total of 140 drops.

We have put up six posters on this area as well. We have passed out brochures and are putting up brochures where comrades live.

Muambi Tangu, Jean Vilsaint, Kuante Edmundson, Denzel have all participated in outreach, and we’ve gone out five times.

APSP Web Admin