African People's Socialist Party

The African People’s Socialist Party’s historical struggle and program for



What is the definition of true reparations to African people?

Learn about how the African People’s Socialist Party defines reparations to African people. Read the Party’s authoritative writings on the subject.

How the African People’s Socialist Party made reparations a household word

Explore over four decades of struggle waged by the African People’s Socialist Party to make reparations a reality. From hosting 12 International Tribunals on Reparations to African People, to forming the African People’s Solidarity Committee whose mission is to win reparations from the white community.


What you can do right now

Join the African People’s Socialist Party’s campaigns and programs that are winning reparations right now and forwarding the struggle for African self-determination and national liberation. If you are white, learn how you can begin to pay and raise reparations from your community as a stand toward building a world where nobody lives at the expense of anyone else.