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Malcolm X Commemoration Committee condemns FBI raids on Uhuru Movement

Statement issued by the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee

The Malcolm X Commemoration Committee condemns the recent raid by the FBI on the Uhuru Movement in spectacle fashion!

For what, we ask angrily!

The same FBI recently said that the number one threat to the internal security to the United States are white nationalist white supremacist hate groups, many of whom have infiltrated all arms of law enforcement throughout  the country…

Given that, why hasn’t this same FBI raided and moved on the leaders of that attack on the very capitol of the United States seeking to violently overturn the election and call for the violent attack and lynching on Congressional reps the former vice president, including the former president himself?

We say, if you must raid, raid Trump and his racist and fascist gang of election stealing thieves!

Among the core reasons that drove COINTELPRO, and appreciate its contemporary expression and manifestation with this action, is to prevent Black militant groups from gaining ‘respectability’…As we see it, this is a psychological operation on an outspoken radical voice in our community that has meaningful presence in their respective communities. This bogus war in Ukraine is the bogus front for setting off this bogus raid…

The Uhuru Movement has criticized the state, as we all have, but they have not done anything as violently audacious as their nephews and uncles and aunts and mothers did on January 6th with an arrogant audacious air of white supremacy that is so deep that they did so not expecting to be meaningfully prosecuted as any entity in our community would most certainly have been!

We have had enough of our people who have been targeted and victimized by state repression. It is our duty to stand in solidarity whenever anyone among us comes under such attack. Touch one;Touch all! Solidarity Matters! Hands off the Uhuru Movement!

APSP Web Admin